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The WoW Factor


Chris Smith

Sound Engineer/Studio Manager

Chris Has spent the past 5 years working with independent artists/labels, managing rehearsal studios and acting as sound assistant  on TV/Film productions.

As well as a short period in record distribution, Chris is now Wall of Waves Studio Manager and house engineer.

Creating a relaxed and creative environment is part of Chris’s working method.  It is this space which allows the freedom to capture honest performances with interesting and dynamic sonics.

Also a composer, Chris works closely with analogue synthesis and field recordings.  Inspired by the work of Germany’s experimental music scene in the 60s and 70s. This mindset is carried into the role as a Sound engineer: Performance and experimentation.

Juan Junca

Sound Engineer


  • Curved Air
  • Sex, Drugs and HIV charity album
  • Selfish C**t
  • Franco Fiotti
  • Space Bee
  • Folie Ordinaire
  • Juan Cruz de Urquiza
  • Alan Plachta
  • Tata Cedrón
  • Juan Pollo Raffo
  • Andres Hayes Quinteto
  • Deshoras

Juan started his studies with private music tutors at the age of fifteen. These included music theory, ear training, latin american rhythms, electric and spanish guitar and bass. After finishing secondary school he obtained a Musician Diploma from the Escuela de Música Contemporánea, a member of the Berklee International Network.

Whilst studying music he started working in different recording studios in Buenos Aires, developing a strong interest in recording and production. After graduating he worked for five years as a full time recording engineer and studio manager.

Having worked in a variety of environments involving horns, strings, jazz quintets, live band recordings, voice over, foley and soundtracks Juan is at ease in all kinds of recording sessions.
He has experience producing music for media as well as having aired in several US and Latin American TV networks. Other skills include synth programming, sequencing, editing and audio post-production.

When he is not working at Wall of Waves studio, Juan enjoys playing guitar and bass with different bands in London.